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Electrical Installation Specialist

Located in Repentigny, JNA Leblanc Electriqueis the electrical contractor of choice for all your electrical installation work.

We carry out residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, civil and municipal projects.

Anexpert in electrical work

You can count on us for all your electrical installations. Our expertise guarantees a project completed in a timely and efficient manner.We are constantlyon the lookout for the latest technologies in electricity, allowing us to offer the mostinnovative solutions. Moreover, to avoid domestic electrical accidents, we make sure that all yourinstallationscomplywith currentsafety regulations.

Our electricians are constantly on the lookout for new technologies

Service of unmatchedquality

We dedicate all our know-how to guarantee high-quality electrical work. Whether it is a new construction or renovation, hireour electricians for the installation of an efficient electrical network. We usestate-of-the-art equipment such as nacelles and hydraulic platforms. We are also available for urgent repairs of electrical systems.

We have all the necessary equipment for a perfectinstallation work

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